University of Canberra/SAFFIRE/Festival/Program

Time Open area Teal area
9:30AM Gary Tamsitt

Associate Professor and Director ANU Legal Workshop

Helen Keegan, @heloukee - Alternate Realities: Alternative Pedagogies
National Teaching Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media, University of Salford Manchester, UK
10:00AM Nick Klomp, @nicholasklomp – Welcome and SAFFIRE announcement: What is SAFFIRE? How does it impact you?
10:30AM Faculty of Business, Government and Law
Tony Krone
Michael de Percy, @madepercy - Flexible learning through original video content
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Government Law, University of Canberra

Lubna Alam, @lubnaalam - Flexibility in research-led education
Lecturer, Faculty of Business Government Law, University of Canberra
Greg Boland - Developing a sustainable curriculumSenior Lecturer, Management Studies, Faculty of Business, Government & Law

11:00AM Mitchell Whitelaw, @mtchl - Engaging with complexity: On interactive visualisation, exploration, and what comes after search
Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Canberra Program Director B. Comm (Media/Multimedia)
Megan Poore, @megpoore - Managing online risk with your students: Best

practice for using social media in the classroom
Assistant Professor, Education, University of Canberra

11:30AM James Neill, @jtneill - Openness and flexibility: How open education can facilitate flexible learning
Assistant Professor, Centre for Applied Psychology, University of Canberra
Amy Collier, @amcollier - Stanford's experiments with online learning and MOOCs: What we're doing, what we're learning
Director for Teachnology and Teaching Online Learning, Stanford University, USA
12:30PM Jonathan Powles, @jonpowles - Universities and the Domino’s Effect Shirley Reushle, @sreushle - Exploring the future of education: Reporting on the 2013 NMC Horizon Project Summit
Associate Director, Australian Digital Futures Institute
1:00PM Faculty of Education, Science, Technology, Education & Maths

Kris Kershaw
Thomas Nielsen
Jim Woolnough and Tamsin Kelly
Roland Goecke, Ideas for the SAFFIRE project

1:30PM Stephen Harris, @stephen_h
Founder, Sydney Centre of Innovation in Learning
Mark Smithers, @marksmithers - MOOCs, Disruptive Innovation and the Future of the Academy
Education Technologist, Swinburne Online
2:00PM Faculty of Art & Design

Felicia Zhang
Sam Hinton

2:30PM Gary Scudder, @scuddertravel - Bridging the divide: Perspectives on curricular transformation in the United States and the Middle East
Professor, Champlain College, USA
Sarah Thorneycroft, @sthcrft - Outside the Echo Chamber: Shopping for innovation in unexpected places
Academic Developer, Innovation Support Team, University of New England
3:00PM Stephen Barrass, @umwebejo - Research led teaching in X-Media
Associate Professor, Media Arts & Production, University of Canberra
Aliya Steed, @afsteed
Lecturer and Manager College Education, Innovation Support Team, ANU
3:30PM Dean Groom, @Type217
Manager, Education Development Group, Macquarie University
George Siemens, @gsiemens
Associate Director, Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University, USA
4:00PM Geoffrey Crisp, @gcrisp01 - Assessment - Where to from here?
Dean, Learning and Teaching, RMIT
Stephanie Fahey
4:30PM-5:00PM Pauline Farrell - Mobility - Always ON Jocasta Williams, @jocastaw - Powering the age of Active Learning – Echo360

and Lecture Tools

6:00PM-9:00PM GALA DINNER: ‘Flexible Learning for Fun, Fame and Fortune’
Panel discussion: Nick Klomp, Stephen Harris, Stephanie Fahey, Justin Brow, Gary Tamsitt, Sarah Thorneycroft
7:30AM-9:00AM Breakfast
9:00am Design jam
10:00AM Keith Lyons, @520507 - Open for Business: can we blend open educational resources with affordable, sustainable fees for service?
Professor, Sports Studies, University of Canberra
Design jam
10:30AM Faculty of Health
Richard Keegan, SportPsychAus - Twitter lectures
Lecturer, Psychologist and Researcher in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Faculty of Health

James Neill, @jtneill
Keith Lyons, @520507

Design jam
11:00-11:30AM Gilly Salmon, @gillysalmon - What is the future university experience? – Flexible Learning
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning Transformations), Swinburne University
Design jam
11:30-5.00PM Design jam

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