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SAFFIRE Festival

The SAFFIRE Festival, 18-19 March, 2013, University of Canberra, Australia was a festival of flexible innovative teaching and learning, with particular focus on Flexibility and Innovation (curriculum reform), Recruitment (and retention), and student Engagement). Local, national and international participants physically and virtually discussed the future of education, innovative teaching and learning methods and educational technology, with particular reference to how to position UC in the emerging educational environment. The festival included:

  1. Launch of AU$26 million SAFFIRE project to innovation and enhance curriculum reform, recruitment and retention, and student engagement at UC 2013-2014
  2. Speakers:
    1. Gilly Salmon, PVC Learning Transformations at Swinburne
    2. George Siemens, Professor of Distance Learning at Athabasca
    3. Stephen Harris, principal of the Northern Beaches Christian School
    4. Stephanie Faye, heads up the higher education portfolio at Ernst and Young, published the ground-breaking report “University of the Future” (2012).
  3. Presentations, demonstrations, workshops, planning sessions and seminars on innovative flexible learning topics
  4. "Managing sustainable education innovation" panel discussion to draw together managers with extensive experience in leading organisations through educational change and strategic repositioning
  5. Jam for future educational design using human-centred design principles (User-centered design)
Tweets from the festival

Time Open area Teal area
9:30AM Gary Tamsitt

Associate Professor and Director ANU Legal Workshop

Helen Keegan, @heloukee - Alternate Realities: Alternative Pedagogies
National Teaching Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media, University of Salford Manchester, UK
10:00AM Nick Klomp, @nicholasklomp – Welcome and SAFFIRE announcement: What is SAFFIRE? How does it impact you?
10:30AM Faculty of Business, Government and Law
Tony Krone
Michael de Percy, @madepercy - Flexible learning through original video content
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Government Law, University of Canberra

Lubna Alam, @lubnaalam - Flexibility in research-led education
Lecturer, Faculty of Business Government Law, University of Canberra
Greg Boland - Developing a sustainable curriculumSenior Lecturer, Management Studies, Faculty of Business, Government & Law

11:00AM Mitchell Whitelaw, @mtchl - Engaging with complexity: On interactive visualisation, exploration, and what comes after search
Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Canberra Program Director B. Comm (Media/Multimedia)
Megan Poore, @megpoore - Managing online risk with your students: Best

practice for using social media in the classroom
Assistant Professor, Education, University of Canberra

11:30AM James Neill, @jtneill - Openness and flexibility: How open education can facilitate flexible learning
Assistant Professor, Centre for Applied Psychology, University of Canberra
Amy Collier, @amcollier - Stanford's experiments with online learning and MOOCs: What we're doing, what we're learning
Director for Teachnology and Teaching Online Learning, Stanford University, USA
12:30PM Jonathan Powles, @jonpowles - Universities and the Domino’s Effect Shirley Reushle, @sreushle - Exploring the future of education: Reporting on the 2013 NMC Horizon Project Summit
Associate Director, Australian Digital Futures Institute
1:00PM Faculty of Education, Science, Technology, Education & Maths

Kris Kershaw
Thomas Nielsen
Jim Woolnough and Tamsin Kelly
Roland Goecke, Ideas for the SAFFIRE project

1:30PM Stephen Harris, @stephen_h
Founder, Sydney Centre of Innovation in Learning
Mark Smithers, @marksmithers - MOOCs, Disruptive Innovation and the Future of the Academy
Education Technologist, Swinburne Online
2:00PM Faculty of Art & Design

Felicia Zhang
Sam Hinton

2:30PM Gary Scudder, @scuddertravel - Bridging the divide: Perspectives on curricular transformation in the United States and the Middle East
Professor, Champlain College, USA
Sarah Thorneycroft, @sthcrft - Outside the Echo Chamber: Shopping for innovation in unexpected places
Academic Developer, Innovation Support Team, University of New England
3:00PM Stephen Barrass, @umwebejo - Research led teaching in X-Media
Associate Professor, Media Arts & Production, University of Canberra
Aliya Steed, @afsteed
Lecturer and Manager College Education, Innovation Support Team, ANU
3:30PM Dean Groom, @Type217
Manager, Education Development Group, Macquarie University
George Siemens, @gsiemens
Associate Director, Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University, USA
4:00PM Geoffrey Crisp, @gcrisp01 - Assessment - Where to from here?
Dean, Learning and Teaching, RMIT
Stephanie Fahey
4:30PM-5:00PM Pauline Farrell - Mobility - Always ON Jocasta Williams, @jocastaw - Powering the age of Active Learning – Echo360

and Lecture Tools

6:00PM-9:00PM GALA DINNER: ‘Flexible Learning for Fun, Fame and Fortune’
Panel discussion: Nick Klomp, Stephen Harris, Stephanie Fahey, Justin Brow, Gary Tamsitt, Sarah Thorneycroft
7:30AM-9:00AM Breakfast
9:00am Design jam
10:00AM Keith Lyons, @520507 - Open for Business: can we blend open educational resources with affordable, sustainable fees for service?
Professor, Sports Studies, University of Canberra
Design jam
10:30AM Faculty of Health
Richard Keegan, SportPsychAus - Twitter lectures
Lecturer, Psychologist and Researcher in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Faculty of Health

James Neill, @jtneill
Keith Lyons, @520507

Design jam
11:00-11:30AM Gilly Salmon, @gillysalmon - What is the future university experience? – Flexible Learning
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning Transformations), Swinburne University
Design jam
11:30-5.00PM Design jam

  1. SAFFIRE festival fires up education debate (UC Monitor, 4 April, 2013)