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UC IP Mini-conference

2-5pm, Friday 11 June 2010
University of Canberra (North Access)

Building 6, Level B, Room 45 (6B45)


The University of Canberra is currently reviewing its policies relating to intellectual property (IP). The Faculty of Health is hosting a free mini conference on IP as it affects academia.

The Faculty of Health is committed to the open sharing of ideas, information and practice. As part of its commitment to a caring and inclusive society, the Faculty is hosting a workshop to discuss the role of IP in 21st century institutions. It will hear from innovators in open sharing and identify the fundamental characteristics of transparent intellectual property policies.

This page indexes the 10 minute presentations given at the mini conference, subsequent public documents and submissions being worked on, and public discussion around the issues.

As a number of people have already expressed interest in attending online, talks will be ustreamed with backchannels set up under the hashtag #ucip. Links to the recordings and discussions will be listed here.


Welcome to #ucip
Keith Lyons welcomes you to the UC-IP conference. youtube verison
Talking about the set up for #ucip

these videos on youtube

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10 minute speakersEdit

Speaker Topic
Keith Lyons, UCNISS Facilitator
Wendy Brady, Director of the Ngunnawal Centre, UC Indigenous Australian knowledge
Senator Kate Lundy Open data: building the foundations of public and private innovation
Andrew Watts, Contracts Manager, Research Services Office. UC Moral rights
Mohammed Ali IP from an Islamic perspective
Gordon Waddington, UC Health Research and commercialisation
Jane Maze, NTEU Developing union policy on a complex issue
Roxanne Missingham, Australian Parliamentary Librarian Benefits and risks of creative commons
Neale Hooper, Lead Legal Researcher and Advisor, Government Information Licensing Framework (GILF) CC Licensing in various contexts
James Neill, UC Health Open academia: A philosophy of open practice
Leigh Blackall, UCNISS A proposal for UC IP


Please RSVP by adding your name to the list below, or by contacting leighblackall@gmail.com

  1. Diane Gibson, Dean Health University of Canberra (TBC)
  2. Laurie Grealish, Associate Dean Health Education University of Canberra
  3. Stephen Parker, Vice Chancellor University of Canberra (TBC)
  4. Kate Lundy, Senator for ACT Australian Labor Party
  5. Pia Waugh, ICT Policy Advisor in the Office of Senator Kate Lundy
  6. Keith Lyons, Director National Institute of Sport Studies
  7. Andrew Watts, University of Canberra
  8. Leigh Blackall, Health Learning Commons Coordinator University of Canberra
  9. James Neill, Health lecturer University of Canberra
  10. Gordon Waddington, Health Research University of Canberra
  11. Stuart Maxwell, Marketing University of Canberra
  12. Julian Zipparo, University of Canberra
  13. Mark Spain, Human Resources University of Canberra
  14. Roxanne Missingham, Parliamentary Librarian
  15. Alan Maskell, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
  16. Greg Whitbread, Australian National Botanic Gardens
  17. Bruce Arnold, Law Faculty, University of Canberra
  18. Diane Phillips, Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Government
  19. Neda Akbari, PhD student from the Faculty of Art and Design
  20. Wendy Brady, Director of the Ngunnawal Centre at UC
  21. Joelle Vandermensbrugghe, Research Education Program, UC
  22. Natalie Bowman, Org Development, Human Resources, University of Canberra
  23. Audrey Guy, Ph D student at the University of Canberra
  24. Judy Currier, Acting Planning Librarian for Business & Government, Law and ISE, Library University of Canberra
  25. Terri Landford, Research Repository Librarian, University of Canberra Library
  26. Vanessa Tuckfield, Copyright Officer, Canberra Institute of Technology
  27. Marc Emerson, Advocacy Officer, University of Canberra Students' Association
  28. Alan Arnold, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  29. Christian West, Catalouging, Thesis and e-Document Coordinator, University of Canberra Library
  30. Michael Bennett, Education Vice-President, University of Canberra Students' Association
  31. Tim Kelly, Manager Performance Research Centre, Australian Institute of Sport
  32. Paul Krix, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  33. Minh-Tam Nguyen, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  34. Laura Hale, Research student from Sports Studies, University of Canberra
  35. Arshad Hussanee, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  36. Robin McConnell, National Institute of Sport Studies, University of Canberra
  37. Peter Donnan, Teaching and Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  38. Louise Cooper Academic Planning Librarian Arts and Education
  39. Josh Rosner, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra
  40. Helen Carter, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra
  41. Adrian Storrier, Masters of IP Law student, University of Melbourne
  42. Gay Landau, Director Academic Policy & Review, University of Canberra
  43. Robert Tanton, NATSEM, University of Canberra
  44. Alan Duncan, NATSEM, University of Canberra
  45. Ken Roberson, NATSEM, University of Canberra
  46. Lulu Turner, Editorial Adviser, Business & Government/HDR, University of Canberra


  1. Liam Wyatt, Vice President Wikimedia Australia
  2. Matt Dawes, Copyright Adviser Law and Policy Australian Digital Alliance Australian Libraries Copyright Committee
  3. Ben Rattray, National Institute of Sport Studies
  4. Berverly Reilly, International Marketing University of Canberra
  5. Jason Young, Director of the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Canberra
  6. Alicia Thomson, Marketing University of Canberra
  7. Kevin Croft, CroftIP
  8. Amanda George, Faculty of Health, University of Canberra
  9. John Howard, UC IP Officer
  10. Pat Tandy, Research Librarian, University of Canberra
  11. Roland Goeke, Head of Vision and Sensing Group, Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering, University of Canberra

Discussion, documents and submissionsEdit


Florence Nightingale, 1920, pioneer of modern nursing.

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