Welcome to the European History Department's Task page!

This one of a series of task pages linked to the School of History Task Page. This page is designed as a simple place where our Projects can list things that they need help on, so that you can dig in and get involved contributing to Wikiversity. If any of the following sound like things you'd be interested in doing, jump right in!

  • We currently need contributors to improve our outline of Irish History. If you think you can do this, or can help, go ahead and get started or post on the project talk page.
  • We're trying to develop a comprehensive list of songs (preferably in English or Irish Gaelic) that deal with aspects of Irish History. If you know of any songs that talk about something that happened in Ireland's past, go ahead and add it to our list.

Courses to be revitalised


These are courses which have been shelved:

Requested Courses/Projects


These are topics that have been requested and are considered high priority for the Department. Please start or expand these projects if you are familiar with the topic area!

  • Britain
  1. Great Britain - 15th Century
  2. Great Britain - 16th Century
  3. Great Britain - 20th Century
  4. History Of Farming In Great Britain
  5. History of Wales
  6. History Of Scotland
  7. History of Northern Ireland
  8. History of England
  • European History (General)
  1. Ancient Europe (see also the School of Classics)
  2. The Absolute Monarchies
  3. The Second World War
  4. European Union
  • France
  1. History of France
  2. French Revolution
  3. Important French People
  • Greece
  1. Magna Graecia (Greater Greece)
  • Ireland
  1. History of Ireland (See the History of Ireland through Song)
  2. History of Northern Ireland
  3. History of Irish Folklore
  • Italy
  1. History of Italy
  2. Italy In The World Wars
  3. Military History of Italy
  4. War of The League of Cognac
  5. Magna Graecia (Greater Greece)
  • Russia & the Soviet Union (USSR)
  1. History of Russia
  2. History of the USSR
  • Netherlands
  1. Amsterdam's Colonial Trade in the 17th Century