History of Ireland through Song

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Introduction edit

Ireland's history is rich, and richly recorded in song. The purpose of this project is to provide a listing of songs (and, if possible, a way to obtain them legally, for free), corresponding to various elements of Irish history, complete with commentary and background.

The goal is to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of Irish history through the memorable and enjoyable medium of music (particularly Celtic music).

Tasks edit

  • Create outline of Irish History (this is in the works—see talk page)
  • Find and add songs relevant to as many aspects of Irish history as possible

Questions edit

(Please discuss on the talk page).

  • Should we include Scotland, as well, and have a course on the two together, or separately?
  • Should there be an option to include songs in Gaelic (or even other languages) for ambitious students?

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Celtic music classifications Notes on Celtic tunes

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