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The Attention EconomyEdit

This is a lesson part of the module The Web Economy out of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.


  • As the Web explodes with endless content, the human user has only limited time and attention[1] onto a single window[2] at a time. Even when freely accessing the web, the user can only afford to go from one site to one site but not all at once.
  • Many websites or content does not get accessed or popular just because they exist and are easily accessible. The surfers are easily dominated by sticky or popular sites that competes in the Attention Economy[3].


  • What does the term Attention Poverty means?
  • What are the top sites that dominates the most users?
  • Why do users visit them?
  • How can those sites push more value to a user's limited attention?
  • How would new sites or startups compete for such users' attention?


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