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Tutorial - ANOVA
Resource type: this resource contains a tutorial or tutorial notes.
This tutorial develops skills in conducting ANOVA (particularly one-way repeated measures ANOVA, Mixed design ANOVA and ANCOVA) with effect sizes, and power using SPSS. Before tackling this tutorial, make sure you are familiar with descriptive statistics, t-tests and the normal distribution and read over the ANOVA notes and lecture.

Contents edit

  1. General steps
  2. Assumptions
  3. Visualising ANOVA
  4. Error bar graphs
  5. Descriptive statistics
  6. One-way repeated measures ANOVA
  7. Mixed-design ANOVA
  9. Effect size
  10. ANOVA sample write-ups
  11. Lab report 5: ANOVA

See also edit

  1. Instructor notes
  2. Lectures
    1. ANOVA (Lecture)
    2. Power & effect sizes (Lecture)
  3. Advanced ANOVA exercises
  4. Box's M
  5. Mauchly's sphericity test
  6. Effect size
  7. Power