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Lecture 9: ANOVA

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This is the ninth lecture for the Survey research and design in psychology unit of study.

Outline edit

Explains the principles of ANOVA, starting with explanation of t-tests and includes the design, assumptions, and interpretations for one-way ANOVA, one-way repeated measures ANOVA, factorial ANOVA, mixed-design ANOVA (SPANOVA), and ANCOVA.

Assumed knowledge edit

  • t-tests
  • One-sample t-test
  • Independent samples t-test
  • Paired samples t-test
  • Howell Ch3 The Normal Distribution
  • Howell Ch4 Sampling Distributions and Hypothesis Testing
  • Howell Ch7 Hypothesis Tests Applied to Means

Readings edit

  • Howell Ch11 Simple Analysis of Variance
  • Howell Ch12 Multiple Comparisons Among Treatment Means
  • Howell Ch13 Factorial Analysis of Variance
  • Howell Ch14 Repeated-Measures Designs
  • Howell Ch16 Analyses of Variance and Covariance as General Linear Models
  • Inferential statistics decision-making tree

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