Analysis of variance/General steps

General steps for ANOVAs

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  1. Establish the design and type of ANOVA. Clearly identify:
    1. IV(s) (categorical)
    2. DV(s) (at least interval), and
    3. CV(s) (dichotomous or at least interval) - for ANCOVA
  2. Develop a hypothesis and/or research question for each main and interaction effect
  3. Examine assumptions
  4. Examine descriptive statistics and histograms for each cell and marginal totals for the descriptive statistics
  5. Create bar, error-bar, or line graph
  6. Interpret significance test (F) results and direction of main and interaction effects
  7. Conduct follow-up tests if warranted
  8. Report and interpret effect sizes
    • eta-square (omnibus) and partial eta-square
    • standardised mean effect size (difference b/w two means, e.g., Cohen's d)