The main types of ANOVA are listed below. They are all part of the general linear model.

ANOVA models Definitions
t-tests Comparison of means between two groups; if independent groups, then independent samples t-test. If not independent, then paired samples t-test. If comparing one group against a fixed value, then a one-sample t-test.
One-way ANOVA Comparison of means of three or more independent groups.
One-way repeated measures ANOVA Comparison of means of three or more within-subject variables.
Factorial ANOVA Comparison of cell means for two or more between-subject IVs.
Comparison of cells means for one or more between-subjects IV and one or more within-subjects IV.
ANCOVA Any ANOVA model with a covariate.
MANOVA Any ANOVA model with multiple DVs. Provides omnibus F and separate Fs.