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Microscopy of human stem cells.

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Stem cells are undifferenciated cells that can be found in bone marrow, aborted fetuses, menstrual blood, exc. They have shown potential to replace damaged body tissue and repair spinal cord injuries. Parkinson's Disease is also a subject in stem cell research and has show some progress.
Some countries have banned stem cell research since the embryonic stem cell type involves the disposal of fertilized female embryo (Zygote) in order to retrieve a mass of 30 stem cells the eighth day of life.

Scientists have recently developed a method to transform normal human somatic cells into pluripotent cells via the introduction of four different factors. The converted cells are called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

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Help Wikiversity participants understand what stem cells are and how they can be used in medical treatments. This interdisciplinary project also investigates why and how some governments regulate stem cell research.

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