Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field of inquiry and therefore there is no one preferred definition. Definitions of this type of entrepreneurship generally include that it is a type of business where not only is profit valued, but also creating a positive social impact.

Characteristics of social entrepreneurshipEdit

  • Social entrepreneurship is innovative, social value-creating activity
  • Unique solution to a social problem
  • Huge social impact crossing regions and national borders
  • Replicable and sustainable
  • It occurs within or across the non-profit, business and public sectors
  • Dynamic process created and managed by an individual
  • Strives to exploit social innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Create new social value in the market and community.
  • Helps in fostering sustainable Development Goals(SDG)

Ideas to learn aboutEdit

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Suggested generic definitionsEdit

Social entrepreneurship is ...

Discussion questions and essay ideasEdit

  • What are some potential businesses that attempt to achieve a triple bottom line?
  • How can decentralized finance help to facilitate social entrepreneurship?
  • How can social entrepreneurship help to alleviate poverty?
  • What business ethics lessons can social entrepreneurship help us to understand or analyze?

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