Social entrepreneurship/What is Social Entrepreneurship


Gain a common understanding of the term "social entrepreneurship".


  1. Contact anyone interested in social entrepreneurship who would be keen to exchange ideas on what exactly it is.
    • Collaboratively list questions you would all pose for discussion.
  2. Convene the discussion - face-to-face, via e-mail, chat rooms, etc.
    • What distinguishes "social entrepreneurship" from "entrepreneurship", "services based learning", "community-based learning", ....
      • Are there any other approaches or labels which seem similar? How are they different from social entrepreneurship?
  3. Summarise the conclusions of the group discussion - perhaps on a wiki with a page "Describing Social Entrepreneurship".
  4. Read the essay below and discuss whether your group discussion has something to enhance it.
  5. Select or volunteer a member of your group to blend elements of your discussion into the resources below.
  6. Extend the Acknowledgements below.


Enhancements to the essay and other resources below.

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  • The story of social entrepreneur Victoria Hale "Uncommon Heroes" (The Skoll Foundation, 2006)

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