Social Victorians/People/Ambassadors and Ministers

Dignitaries, Ambassadors and MinistersEdit

See also the list of Ambassadors and Ministers in the list of people invited to social events typically hosted by royals.


  • The Chief Justice of South Australia
  • Mr. Justice Williams of Victoria and Mrs. Williams and Miss William (assuming Australia; might be wrong)

Austro-Hungarian EmpireEdit

  • Count Karolyi, Ambassador, and the Countess Karolyi
  • 1895 February 15: presented at a Levee at St. James's Palace in the Diplomatic Circle to the Prince of Wales "By the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador, Herman. Prince of Stolberg Wernigerode, Attache to the German Embassy."[1]


  • Baron Solvyns, Minister, and the Baroness Solvyns


  • João Arthur Souza Corrêa, Minister Plenipotentiary (1890–1900)
  • Baron de Penodo, Minister, and the Baroness de Penedo


  • Chief Justice of Cyprus and Lady Bovill


  • Monsieur de Falbe, Minister, and Madame de Falbe


  • William Henry Waddington, Ambassador (1883–1893), and Madame Waddington and Mademoiselle King


  • Count Hatzfeldt, Ambassador
  • Count Georg Herbert Münster, Ambassador (1873–1885), and Countess Marie Münster


  • M. J. Gennadius, Minister

Hong KongEdit

  • Mr. Justice Fielding Clarke of Hong Kong


  • Count Corti, Ambassador


  • Count de Bylandt, Minister, and the Countess de Bylandt


  • Prince Malcom Khan, Minister, the Princess Malcom Khan, and the Princess Sultana Malcom
  • Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia (5 September 1848 – 1 May 1896)


  • M. M. d'Antas, Minister, and Madame d'Antas
  • Luis Maria Augusto Pinto de Soveral, Marquês de Soveral, Minister (1891), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1895–1897), Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of St James's (1897 on)


  • Baron Egor Egorovich Staal or Georges de Staal, Ambassador (1884–1902 ), Madame de Staal, and Mademoiselle de Staal
  • M. V. Boulatzell, 2nd Secretary in the Russian Embassy in London (until 29 June 1896, after that 1st Secretary in Vienna)
  • Baron Alexandre de Stoeckl, Attaché of the Russian Embassy (as of 1892)
  • 1895 February 15: presented at a Levee at St. James's Palace in the Diplomatic Circle to the Prince of Wales "By the Russian Ambassador, M. Romeiko Gourko, Secretary of Embassy, and Captain Prince Oukhtomsky, Naval Attaché."[1]
  • 1896 May 1: His Excellency M. de Staal, the Russian Ambassador; Count Pahlen, First Secretary at the Embassy; M. Gourko, Second Secretary; Count Yermoloff, Military Attaché; M. Orloff, of the Chancellery; and M. Volborth, Russian Consul-General in London.[2]

Sierra LeoneEdit

  • Chief Justice of Sierra Leone


  • Count Casa de Valencia
  • Don Cipriano del Mazo, Minister
  • 1895 February 15: presented at a Levee at St. James's Palace in the Diplomatic Circle to the Prince of Wales "By the Spanish Ambassador, Don Pablo Sirera, Military Attaché."[1]

Sweden and NorwayEdit

  • Count Piper, Minister for Sweden and Norway


  • Rustem Pasha, Ambassador

United StatesEdit

  • John Hay
  • Mr. Edward J. Phelps, Minister, and Mrs. Phelps
  • 1895 February 15: presented at a Levee at St. James's Palace in the Diplomatic Circle to the Prince of Wales "By the United States Ambassador, Mr. David D. Wells, Second Secretary, and Mr. John Ridgely Carter, Private Secretary."[1]

International FamiliesEdit

Dignitaries, Mostly from Outside the U.K.Edit

  • Count d'Eulenburg (Philipp Friedrich Alexander, Prince of Eulenburg)
  • Prince and Princess de Wagram (in 1886 Napoléon Alexandre Louis Joseph Berthier, 2nd Prince of Wagram [September 10, 1810 – February 10, 1887])
  • Duc and Duchesse d'Otrante and Countesse Augusta d'Otrante (Gustave Fouché d'Otrante (1840 - 1910), 5e duc d'Otrante [], married I think to Adélaïde Fouché d'Otrante (1866 - 1943])
  • Duc de la Tremonille
  • Marques and Marquesa de Santurce and the Mesdemoiselles de Murrieta; Mr. C. de Murrieta and Mr. A. de Murrieta also attended social events
  • Marquis de Guadalmina
  • Marquise de Lavaggi and Comtesse de Lavaggi
  • Marquis Maffei
  • Marquis Niccolini
  • Count N. Adlerberg
  • Count and Countess X. de Florian
  • Count P. Esterhazy
  • Count Wilmoss Festitics
  • Count R. Kinsky
  • Count T. Bolesta Koziebrodzki
  • Count P. Metternich
  • Count Pourtales
  • Countess de la Somaglia
  • Viscount de Saint Genys
  • Baron Both
  • Baron and Baronne de Brienen and the Mesdemoiselles de Brienen
  • Baron Plessen
  • M. and Madame M. Ephrussi
  • M. von Hengelmuller
  • M. A. Kroupensky
  • M. and Madame G. Meyer
  • Signor Tosti


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