Selected topics in finite mathematics

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Finite Mathematics falls within the realm of Discrete Mathematics. This course will serve as a guide through the selected topics listed below.

  • Graphs
  • Operations Research
  • Logic and Sets
  • Voting
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Probability
  • Statistics
A Graph
A Graph

Module 1: Graphs and Optimization edit

  1.   What is a graph?
  2.   Eulerian cycles
  3.   Hamiltonian cycles
  4.   Minimum spanning trees
  5.   Graph coloring
  6.   Maximum flow
  7.   Trees
  8.   Directed graphs
  9.   Bin packing
  10.   Linear programming
  11.   Transportation problems

Module 2: Logic, Arguments, and Voting edit

  1.   Sets, logic, and arguments
  2.   Voting with preference schedules
    1.   Plurality
    2.   Condorcet method
    3.   Borda count
    4.   Sequential runoffs
    5.   Sequential pairwise elections
  3.   Fairness criteria
    1.   Condorcet criterion
    2.   Dropout criterion
    3.   Majority criterion
    4.   Independent of irrelevant alternatives
    5.   Pareto condition
    6.   Monotonic
  4.   Approval voting
  5.   Weighted voting
  6.   Coalitions
  7.   Voting power

Module 3: Mathematics in money and ?? edit

  1.   Managing your money
  2.   Taxes

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