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Welcome to the School of Olympiads!
Intelligence is born of Imagination and Thinking

This school is for problem solving trainings for International Science Olympiads, in particular Mathematical Olympiads. The focus is on 'thinking' rather than 'knowledge'. We cover topics of Pure mathematics, Algorithmic studies, and Strategic Gaming.

The creators of this page wish that the contributors embrace the spirit of 'FreeCulturalism' and try to link only to open-source material as much as possible.

We try to introduce the concept of Brainstorming Talk Pages. This school has no fixed Syllabi; Our focus is on every aspect of problem solving.

Divisions and Departments edit

The Wikiversity School of Olympiads is still in its formative stages and thus will take some time to create topics according to this School.

Primary Wing/Prerequisites edit

  • GCSE/CBSE/ICSE/HKEAA Mathematics
CBSE X Maths
  • Basic Knowledge of Recreational Mathematics
  • C/C++/Pascal Languages
  • Classical Chess, Bridge, etc.

Senior(Main) edit

Mathematics edit

The most important kind of problem-solving is Mathematical problems. Mathematics is a subject consisting of only problem solving. There are many mathematical problem-solving competitions like quizzes, olympiads, integration bees, etc. A major percentage of these competitions include the International Mathematical Olympiad and its selection processes around the world. There are many other international competitions, which either follow the IMO pattern like the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad, or have their own distinct structure like Mathematical Kangaroo or Tournament of Towns.
Apart from these, good problem-solving challenges can be found in form of elite entrance examinations around the world like IITJEE.
But all the exams can be broadly classified as either subjective proof-based {Like IMO and ToT, here we'll call them 'Maths' Contests} or MCQ Application based {Like Kangaroo and IITJEE, here we'll call them 'Matics' Contests}
Here, in this wikiversity school, the topics are divided under 18 chapters, 3 for each sub-topic.

Theory of Equations
Real Analysis
Coordinate Geometry

Some Latest Examination Papers edit

Maths Exams edit
Matics Exams edit

Algorithmic Programming edit

Computing & Programming edit

  • Web Designing (HTML,Java,etc.)
  • Database Management (SQL,LINQ,etc.)
  • Command Line (Logo,Mathematica,etc.)
  • Animation (XNA,ActionScript,etc.)

Research Topics edit

Science Olympiads edit

Chemistry Olympiad
Physics Olympiad

Gaming edit

Resources edit

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