SPIR608 Political Simulations and Gaming/2011/Energy Game

The Energy Game is designed to address some of the political as well as economics and other related issues in the energy sector. It builds its structure from a simple model so it can be played by everybody with little knowledge about the rules of the game. The main structure of the game is designed around a hexagon shaped cells. The small hexagons eventually from a larger hexagon and players are required to move around the cells. Each cell represents one moving point around the game. Instead of dices this game uses a turbine that can be moved by hand and each section of the turbine is given a numeric representation that player use for their moves. During the play as players move the turbine and move around the cells they can fall into different events that can require the player to perform a specific task for example building a pipeline with another player. This can give extra points to the participating players. The key intention is not the actual movement of the game but the selection of player. Players can choose to work with certain player according to their preferences. This preference selection has a dynamic impact on the other players. One another important event that all players are required to work with collectively is the equilibrium temperature shown by a counter. This is introduced to the game so it calls all players to work cooperatively to address the critical issue of the climate change. Each movement around the cell is believed to be using energy and players must not pass the limit set within the game. Players need to use their next move when the limit is reached to set the counter back to zero. For example if a player is getting high number in each round by chance, the mechanism will eventually results in taking more points away from such player and giving a more level playing field to other players. The main material used for this game is the board were players move around the cell, the turbine used instead of the dice and small pieces that players use to move around the table. The counter is used to check the temperature levels during the game. The politics and scientific evidence behind the climate change is integrated to show how people make decision according to certain rules. How flying planes from London to Kyoto to attend a conference about climate change could have an impact on the level of pollution? These are important issues that needs to be addressed when it comes talking about climate change. The main source of energy that all plants and animal obtain is from the sun. The aim of the game is to reach the centre of the game were the sun in located. It is impractical at the present state of our knowledge to aim for such a goal. This game is designed similarly like the Office Boy game but it applies different set of structure to introduce certain element within the energy sector and hopes players can learn by playing this game and enjoy it indeed.