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25th October 2006: Lesson 0 has been finished,
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A course of the Department of Tolkien languages.

Unit SummaryEdit

Course Contents and GoalsEdit

This course will provide you with a complete knowledge of Quenya, the best-known of the languages invented by Tolkien, as it was conceived in the last years of Tolkien's life. This language is more or less the version devised in the Lord of the Rings (see the problem of the canon).

The aims of the course are to:

  • Learn Phonology, Grammar and Syntax of the (last) Quenya as we can infer from the Corpus.
Knowledge of this aspect will also seek to make learners understand how we arrived at this form of Quenya and which "rules" are explicitly provided by Tolkien himself, or have been inferred.
  • Provide learners with introductory notions of
    • "Non-Fictional" development of Quenya (from the Qenya of 1915 to the Quenya of 1973)
    • "Fictional" development of Quenya (from w:Primitive Quendian)
    • Quenya Corpus

Learning materialsEdit

The following are principal learning devices used in this course, to which every lesson refers. Other materials may be required from time-to-time and their links will be provided in each lesson.

Textbooks for this course

This course is structured to follow, as soon as praticable, this learning material, considered the reference textbook of the Course :

The reference grammar is:

In addition, the all-porpose

  • Helge Fauskanger's Quenya Course — references are made to the English version as Q#F
  • Translations of Fauskanger's Course exist in many languages. They can be found at here.


Before starting the regular lesson, it is required for learners to acquire some concepts that will frequently appear throughout this course along with instructions on how to read and write a Quenya text. Lesson 0 is a must for every learner, while in the Advanced Level section, materials are present that we suggest learners to read, but are not essential to Quenya acquisition and understanding. Especially, we suggest reading the section on how the concept of canon can be applied to Tolkien's Legendarium and Languages.

Theory of Sundocarmi - Phonology - Phonetics - Stress.


  1. Lesson 1 To be finished...
  2. Lesson 2


      Translation assignment 1
      Translate 3 well known kids songs ( eg. Old mc donald, Mary had a little lamb) into quenya.



Additional helpful readings include:

Resources on the web:

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