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Subject classification: this is an economics resource.

This is the WikiJournal of Business and Economics. This journal is meant to publish original research related to educational facets of business and economics.

Research related to ideas involved with business, such as profit can be created and disseminated here. Please keep what is here in line with what might typically be accepted for publication in academic business journals.

Research questions edit

  • Can a revenue sharing social media site be used to implement a form of basic income?
  • Can cryptocurrencies be used to implement a basic income for all humans?
  • Where does futurism, business, and economics intersect? In what ways? How?

Research ideas edit

  • Social organizing: In many cities you see that people are collaborating on platforms like Part-up ( Can we start a journal about social organizing?
You could start Preliminary WikiJournal of Progressive Sociology or Preliminary WikiJournal of Community Organizing and Development - College of New Jersey links to PROGRESSIVE SOCIOLOGISTS NETWORK. Seems research, discourse, and writings related to progressive sociology could be something that could fit with in the scope of this site. Community Planning, Organizing & Development can be focused on at University of Chicago.
  • Social media sites, email, and an Internet search engine can potentially function as a way to initiate a basic income. These could integrate with a credit union.
Perhaps one can have one account per telephone number. Text messages can be used to verify users potentially.

Potential upcoming articles edit

Netflix does not show advertisements. Can a social media site thrive without showing advertisements? Can a social media site use a freemium model to not show advertisements to paying users?
Should equity crowd funding be utilized? Should a revenue sharing social media site be a benefit corporation, or a pure not for profit organization?
Could a social media site take the place of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Could such an organization be a not for profit organization, or a benefit corporation?

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These are academic articles published on .edu sites in open access journals that relate to facets business and economics.