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The portal for Glocal Diaspora Studies provides you with lectures about the heterolocal impacts of diaspora engagement in economic and politics. We shade light on interesting scholar articles and perspectives from the international political community.

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Please, propose an orientative studying plan for beginners:

  • Chinese American Diaspora
  • Introduction to Asian American Studies: Literature, Culture, and Historical Experience
  • Gender and Representation of Asian American Women
  • Race and Gender in Asian America
  • African-American History
  • Development Studies
  • Film and Documentary Studie


  • Seminar Oral History
  • Reading Seminar: Can the Subaltern Speak ?
  • Semiotics
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  • December 25: The recently revised course on writing is now available.
  • May 23: Students can now follow The Wise Path on Wikiversity.
  • April 11: The course Collective decision making is now available as part of the Coming Together curriculum.
  • January 1: Socialism is calling for high quality essays. You can improve that teaching resource by publishing an essay on the subject.

Content development

Development of learning resources related to Glocal Diasporas impact on economy and politics Glocal Diaspora Studies.