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  • Carter G Woodson - Mis Education of Negroes
  • William Hill. Watkins, Race and Education
  • Harry Edwards, Black Students
  • Tom Burrel, Brainwashed-challenging the myth of black inferiority

School System: The Scandal of the Black Child in Schools in Britain]]

  • Bell hooks - teaching to transgress - teaching as the practice of freedom
  • Cornell West, Black Prophetic Fire
      • Race Matters
    • There Ain't No Black In The Union Jack
    • The New Jim Crow
    • This is Not A Test
  • Ylva Habel: challening Swedish exceptionalism, teaching while black (in education in the black diaspora: perspectives, challenges, and prospects, routledge 2012)
  • Nicola Rollock - Black British Scholar who is part of the University of Birmingham Centre for Race in Education.
  • Dr Victoria Showunmi she is specialises in race and Education.
  • K. Bhopal 'Intersectionality and" race" in Education'
  • Chinua Achebe, The Education of the British Protected Child.

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