Open scientists engage in making their work as transparent as possible by using the world wide web to:

  • discuss own research ideas, methods and results with others
  • keep a public lab notebook (cf. open notebook science)
  • make their teaching open to public discussion
  • blog about their scientific activity and while doing this not only reflect about their own action, but also encourage others
  • make problems public they are actually working on, thus giving others the chance to participate actively in the problem-solving process (see Wikiversity: Open problem)
  • submit articles to publication institutions which have set up a public review process
  • assess articles for publication institutions which have set up a public review process
  • write their scientific articles in public (e.g. in wikis like this) from the start or making preprints or peer-reviewed articles freely accessible (this latter point represents the classical "Open Access")
  • make raw data and analytical tools (on which their works are based) freely accessible
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Open scientists do not have to implement all of these points. Depending on how many of these aspects are taken into account, they are "more" or "less" open to the public. An important point is that not only products of scientific activity are published (all scientists do this), but that the process of scientific work is made transparent.

We are a community of open scientists. We want to create ideas how science can be made more open, and we discuss problems and limits of open science. Join our network and participate in our discussions!

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We have a template set up, which you can find at: de:Vorlage:User public scientist (work is in progress to make it available here also). The template can be put on user pages. A guide is available on the template's page.

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