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Welcome to the Wikiversity content development project for MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a wiki software package licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is written in PHP and requires the MySQL relational database management system (although it has some PostgreSQL support). Historically, MediaWiki was developed to serve the needs of Wikipedia, a free wiki-based encyclopedia, but it has since become one of the most popular general wiki solutions. Today, it is used by all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, all wikis hosted by Wikia, and many other popular and large wikis. It has also been deployed by companies as an internal knowledge management solution, and as a content management system. Notably, Novell uses it to operate several of its high traffic websites, which are not editable by the general public.

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The histories of Wikiversity pages indicate who the active participants are. If you are an active editor for MediaWiki-related pages, you can list your name here (this can help the community of MediaWiki editors grow and help these editors communicate better).

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Get to work writing lessons! Simply make a link to the name of the lesson (lessons are independent pages) and start writing!

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This feature of Wikiversity will be implemented later pending further discussion.

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Some participants studying Computer Science are contemplating using MediaWiki as a subject for a study in UML (Unified Modeling Language) producing a set of UML diagrams that may help to visualize how the MediaWiki backend works. - Discuss

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  • First thing first: You cannot hack without a wiki! mw:manual:installation
    • mw:wiki on a stick (- step-by-step guide (for windows) to setting up a small (< 50Mb) wiki, which can sit on your USB drive, a good way to start hacking

Hacking start points (How to become a MediaWiki hacker [- useful but a little too vague for beginners])

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