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Wikiversity's sister projects such as Wikipedia discard articles that do not conform to the narrow mission of the various Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Garbage Detail is a Wikiversity project devoted to learning how to efficiently capture discarded content from other Wikimedia projects that is suitable for Wikiversity.

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At Wikipedia, use {{Copy to Wikiversity}} to mark unwanted content that should be migrated to Wikiversity's receiving area for further processing. These files should be orphans and added at least to Category:Imported works until someone wishes to take the time to sort out good ways to begin integrating them.

Perhaps some custodians can be found, or self-created who review the new page and deleting areas periodically in attempt to find content outside the scope of Wikipedia, but within the scope of Wikiversity. People can list themselves at the receiving area as willing to look over incoming donations in specific subjects. They can also periodically peruse the list for interesting stuff. That is how the orphan's list is supposed to work if it does not get clogged with too many files.

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