Laboratory on Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Course held at Universidade Pedagógica Mozambique by Christian Spannagel (external professor from the University of Education Heidelberg, Germany). Be free to participate and share your ideas!

Stuff to think about yetEdit

Reading assignmentEdit

First weekEdit

Please read during the first week of the seminar:

Writing assignmentEdit

After the two weeks of the course, you will have a writing assignment.

  1. Write 8-10 pages on English (or Portuguese).
  2. Choose a topic of this course which has impressed you most. (The topic you have thought "wow!")
    1. Fermi questions
    2. active plenum
    3. Logo (turtle graphics or recursion)
    4. DGS (also connected to algebra and spreadsheet calculation)
    5. Filling graphs
    6. WebQuests
  3. Write a text about how this topic can be realized in Mozambican schools. Choose a grade level and create a mathematics lesson (or sequence of lessons). Write at least about:
    1. the conditions (schools, materials, students) to be considered
    2. description of the topic (that means, of the mathematics underlying your lesson)
    3. learning objectives
    4. methods used
    5. possible difficulties and how you can counteract
    6. lesson plan


During the whole course we will create a glossary of the key terms collaboratively.