Laboratory on Mathematics and Mathematics Education/Fermi Questions

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Fermi questions edit

Task 1: Characters in your life edit

Answer the question for yourself: "How many characters have you read in your life?" After 10 minutes, discuss the problem and find a solution as group (think-pair-share, active plenum).

Task 2: Mozambican Fermi questions edit

Create a list of Fermi questions which are related to Mozambican culture and life.

Task 3: Think about Fermi questions! edit

Answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. What are the characteristics of Fermi questions?
  2. Why should Fermi questions be part of mathematics in school? Find some arguments!

Collect the answers in the group (think-pair-share, active plenum).

Task 4: Cars in Mozambique edit

Reflect on the mathematical modeling process by answering the Fermi question "How many cars are in Mozambique?". What has to be done in each step of the process?

Task 5: Introducing Fermi questions edit

When students are not used to Fermi questions, they have problems to solve them. It's the teachers responsibility to help them. How can students be supported when they answer Fermi questions for the first time? Collect your results!

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