Laboratory on Mathematics and Mathematics Education/Methods

About Neurons and Brains

Reflect on our lab methods!

Active Plenum edit

Task 1: Active plenum in schools edit

Watch the Erich-Hammer-Video and discuss: Could the active plenum be also used in Mozambican schools? Find pro and contra arguments.

Wikiversity edit

We will use wikiversity in the course in order to

  1. structure the sessions
  2. collect our results and
  3. share our ideas with the world

Task 1: Create an account in Wikiversity edit

Create your own account in wikiversity. You can decide if you want to use your real name or an imaginative name.

Task 2: Create your user page in Wikiversity edit

  1. Write something about you in your user page. Inform people who you are, what your interests are, what you (don't) like to do, ...
  2. Add your user page to the list of participants at the top of this page. Just copy and paste the syntax already there and modify it.
  3. Read the user pages of the other participants and comment on their user page's discussion board!