Khanom Khrok

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Khanom Khrok or Thai Coconut Pudding (Thai: ขนมครก, pronounced [kʰā.nǒm kʰrók] ) is a kind of ancient Thai dessert that makes with rice flour, sugar and coconut milk mixed together. [1] Khanom Khrok is cooked in a pan over a charcoal fire. After the flour is cooked and scooped out from the pan. Khanom Khrok can be eaten plain or with toppings. The toppings can be small shrimps, eggs, pork, corn, taro and green onion. [2]


Khanom Khrok has been popular since the Ayutthaya era. There is an evidence that Khanom Khrok stoves have been used before then.[3] Khanom Khrok Chao Wang (Thai: ขนมครกชาววัง) was first made for the royalty. The oldest evidence is a message in a letter that mentioned Khanom Khrok and its stoves. It is a traditional dessert Thailand because rice is a major agriculture crop in Thailand. In addition, it is found in Burma, Laos and Indonesia.


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