Introduction to Regional Anatomy - Lesson 1

The Anatomical Position of the Human Body

Introduction to Regional Anatomy
Lesson: Lesson 1
Level: Undergraduate
Suggested Prerequisites: no prerequisites
Time Investment: 5mins
Assessment Methods: Quiz
Portal: Science
School: Biology/Medicine
Division: Anatomy
Department: Regional Anatomy
Lesson Coordinator: =Benjamin= (talk)



For the purpose of standardisation the human body is regarded to have a standard pose. This is called the anatomical position. The anatomical position allows clear description of direction and movement when communicating to other anatomists. When the body is in this position the hands are at the sides with palms facing forward, the feet are together with the inside of the ankles as close together as possible, the body is erect with good posture and the head is facing forward. Unless otherwise stated most anatomical texts will describe the human body in reference to the anatomical position. The anatomical position can be assumed standing, laying or sitting.



1 in the anatomical position, the palms are facing towards the feet.


2 The anatomical position was created to ____________.

annoy anatomy students
be a standard reference for the body
help physiotherapists to understand anatomy
describe the pose that people take when they sleep

3 A person can sit in the anatomical position.


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