Operating a word processing application


From the official document:

"This unit defines the competency required to correctly operate word processing applications and perform basic operations including the creation and formatting of documents, creating tables, printing labels and mail merge."

A plain document in a wordprocessor
A plain document in a wordprocessor

This means you will be able to use a Word Processing application (such as Writer (Open Office) or Microsoft Word (Microsoft Office)) to create documents either from scratch or from a template. You will apply different formatting features such as font sizes, styles & colours, insert and manipulate images, copy or move content on or between documents, create tables of information, and modify page settings – margins, borders, headers & footers etc.

One of the most useful skills you will learn will be mail merge – where you can combine information (such as names and addresses) from a separate list or database with a standard document to produce multiple individual copies. You can also use this technique to print personalised labels or envelopes – a great time-saver!

Naturally at the end of all this you will want to save or print your document.

For more details about what you'll be able to demonstrate, please read the official Operate a word processing application document.

This unit is a pre-requisite for the following qualifications:

How you can learn the required skills for this unit edit

When you're just starting out, a good textbook can be a great help! Of course you'll have plenty of classroom activities from your textbook, but it's necessary to support this with your own activities - and that's where a good textbook can help you review and recap. Your facilitator may recommend one (such as the one listed below). There are also also plenty of great online resources (see the Microsoft tutorials below) that you might like to try when you feel ready.

If you want to test your knowledge with some questions, try the Word processing quiz questions

Ideas for how you can demonstrate this unit edit

  • Many skills can be demonstrated in class as you complete the class exercises given.
  • Demonstrate your skills as part of an assignment or test provided by your facilitator.
  • If you already have the required skills, you might choose to get Recognition of Current Competence. You will need to provide your faciliator with a portfolio illustrating the various competencies in the unit as well as be ready to demonstrate the relevent skills.

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