Word processing quiz questions

Word processing quizEdit


  • Identify three current Word Processing applications that are available (But not different versions of the same product! Bonus points for each extra one)
  • Identify the file extension of word processing document on your computer


  • Identify the file extension used for templates in your word processing application.
  • When creating headings in your word processing documents, rather than using the font formatting tools (such as Bold, font size, font family etc.), what should you do?
  • Describe the menus that you need to navigate to view different toolbars in your word processing application (for example, File->Save is for saving files).
  • Describe what you would do to change the margins of your document.
  • Describe what you would do to add a footer to your document.
  • Describe one way that you can add a table to your document.
  • Describe how you would add an image to your document.


  • Identify three different file-formats that you can use when you save your word processing files (1 bonus point for each extra one, 3 bonus points if you can identify an ISO standard file format).
  • Need a mail-merge question.