Filmmaking Basics/Animatic/Editing

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Narrative Film Production:
Course #01: The Basics
Lesson: Creating the animatic
Pages of this Lesson:
Introduction to the animatic
Preparing the storyboards
Creating the film score
Editing the animatic
Creating the sound effects
Compositing the matte painting
Graduation – Completed animatics

Editing the animatic

Combining all the elements

Gather all the pieces
Except for the matte painting, everything is done and ready for assembly. That will be done in your editing program.
Remember, before you start, you should complete the film editing introductory course.

The Pieces

The storyboard frames!
Youc created these with the free demo version of FrameForge 3D Studio.
The dialog
The dialog was recorded in the lesson about dialog recording. If you have not done this, you can use the dialog from other students. (Hopefully, there will be mroe soon.)
The music
The pieces of music were just done in the previous lesson page.

This is all

There is very little to an animatic. You just edit the pieces together using the natural timing of the dialog and the music. Remember the lesson on creating "L-Cut" by rolling the picture edits. You can do the same thing here with the still frames of the storyboard.

Not done yet

The animatic will not seem realistic because you do not have the natural sounds of the outside of a movie theater. That is the next lesson.

And finally, you need to complete the matte painting for the final scene. That is the last lesson.

The next page

Before we can edit the movie together, we need to complete all the elements.

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