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Entrepreneurship involves taking actions that earn money and that create changes in society related to those actions. The changes can be positive or negative. It is best if they are positive, ethical, legal and help to all humans (see discussion about the definition of entrepreneurship)

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Innovative and creative person or a pathway to Self-Employment

The entrepreneur is popularly defined as the person who assumes the risks and costs associated with starting one's own business. This general view is not accepted by many scholars. According to the critics, the person who comes to grief if the business fails, is the fund supplying capitalist (or the financer) who has to bear the losses, so the entrepreneurs, with little investment in the venture, won't bear much of the risk. The concept of entrepreneurship is also generally thought to be similar to the concept of self-employment. The two are synonymous in the sense that persons who are entrepreneurs and those who are self-employed take responsibility to pay themselves rather than work for fixed wages determined by employers. As such both the entrepreneur and the self-employed hope to determine how much they are paid and to control their working hours the structure of their work. In fact, as most of the entrepreneurs would also agree, the main function of the entrepreneurs is to innovate. Now, innovation is not Invention or R&D type of things. Innovation, among other things, would mean commercial application of an idea. It is not difficult to innovate, though it requires a bit of practice and mental training. For example, suggest some design modifications for a pen so that it can be used in a use other than writing! We may put some memory chip into it and it becomes an identification pen, or if we print short messages on it, it becomes an effective advertising media. Can you suggest more? In simple training session with undergraduate students in India (Chandigarh) some 1000 modifications were identified. Go on, suggest some more and get a feel of an entrepreneur in making.

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Who is the self-employed person?

The entrepreneur is a responsible person that decides to take charge of his or her own life and ideas, and secondly the life and ideas of others. He or she is the person who identifies what people need or might need to make them more comfortable and decide to take on the responsibility to serve those needs.

The entrepreneur is the person that seizes the opportunity to serve others, despite the dangers and the risks associated with serving people's needs, including their unidentified ones.

The entrepreneur decides to use his or her life and ideas or a portion of his or her life and ideas to ensure that other persons get what they need or get what will make their life more comfortable and happy as they live on earth.

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Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, a massage practice, fashion designing, performance arts, and many other similar businesses are seen as a fulfilling enterprises for the many would-be entrepreneurs around the world. They are popular because they involve hobbies where enthusiasts already spend much of their spare time learning and practicing. For instance, the dream of starting a restaurant is shared by many food lovers who cook frequently for their families, friends, and community. If the proper steps are taken, an amateur cook can become a professional chef. Below is a list of entrepreneurial categories that link to step-by-step pages about how to turn one's craft into a prosperous start up enterprise. (please add to this list of start-up businesses)

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Lunar Boom Town is a multidisciplinary activity where engineers, business people, and space enthusiasts can hone their applicable skills investigating generic business models and industrial processes applicable to near term lunar settlements. If technical data is required there to complete a business planning activity seek assistance at the appropriate technical school or other participants discussion page.

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"The entrepreneur builds an enterprise; the technician builds a job."

(Michael Gerber)

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