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The digital portfolio is a new generation of modular curriculum vitae, which allows its user to interactively sort and update of all the knowledge and skills, and to prove professional and social achievements. As one possible starting point, the use of digital portfolios in the context of the classroom can be thought of as an educational tool, which allows the use of a different methodology, diverse monitoring and evaluation of the process of teaching and learning.

The electronic portfolio, also known as e-portfolio, or digital portfolio, is a collection of electronic evidence: text, electronic files, images, multimedia elements, blogs, links and other components. It is the electronic record of the journey of learning and skills acquired, therefore, beyond the material cited above, an e-portfolio also includes comments, assessments and reflection on the author's own work done. The e-portfolio reflects well the identity of each individual in each processing in context, as builder of his personal and professional development throughout life.

In a more comprehensive way, the digital portfolio can be viewed as an instrument of validation of skills, aimed at building a digital identity of an individual, discipline, organization or institution. In this context, it is presented as a set of definitions.

Examples edit

The e-portfolio has been proposed by several authors in a preliminary phase of approach to this issue:

1. "The Portfolios, as documents of the custom path of learning, are naturally rich and contextualized. Contains documentation organized with specific purpose that clearly demonstrates knowledge, skills, performance and specific provisions made over a period of time. The Portfolios represent established links between actions and beliefs, thought and action, evidence and criteria. They are a way of thinking that allows the construction of meaning, makes the learning process transparent and learning visible, crystallizes prospects and anticipate future directions." © Jones & Shelton, 2006: 18-19

2. "An electronic portfolio provides an environment where students can: collect their work in the digital archive, select specific pieces of work (hyperlink to artifacts) to highlight specific achievements, reflect on the learning demonstrated in the portfolio, in either text or multimedia form; September goals for future learning (or direction) to improve; and celebrate achievement through sharing this work with an audience, whether real or virtual. When used in formative, classroom-based assessment, teachers (and peers) can review the portfolio document, and provide formative feedback to students on where they could improve. " © Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D., 2006

3. The portfolio is "a coherent set of documentation reflectively selected, commented significantly and systematically organized and contextualized in time, revealing the career path." © Tavares and Alarcão, 2003

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