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This lesson covers communication procedures.

Objectives and Skills Edit

Objectives and skills for the communication procedures portion of A+ certification include:[1]

Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism.
  • Use proper language – avoid jargon, acronyms, slang when applicable
  • Maintain a positive attitude / Project confidence
  • Actively listen (taking notes) and avoid interrupting the customer
  • Be culturally sensitive
    • Use appropriate professional titles, when applicable
  • Be on time (if late contact the customer)
  • Avoid distractions
    • Personal calls
    • Texting / Social media sites
    • Talking to co-workers while interacting with customers
    • Personal interruptions
  • Dealing with difficult customer or situation
    • Do not argue with customers and/or be defensive
    • Avoid dismissing customer problems
    • Avoid being judgmental
    • Clarify customer statements (ask open ended questions to narrow the scope of the problem, restate the issue or question to verify understanding)
    • Do not disclose experiences via social media outlets
  • Set and meet expectations/timeline and communicate status with the customer
    • Offer different repair/replacement options if applicable
    • Provide proper documentation on the services provided
    • Follow up with customer/user at a later date to verify satisfaction
  • Deal appropriately with customers confidential and private materials
    • Located on a computer, desktop, printer, etc

Readings Edit

  1. IT Service and Support - Communication Skills

Multimedia Edit

  1. YouTube: Communication - CompTIA A+ 220-902 - 5.4
  2. YouTube: Professionalism - CompTIA A+ 220-902 - 5.4

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