CisLunarFreighter/Open source tools

Scriptwriting edit

  • OpenOffice

StoryBoarding edit

  • GIMP - Graphics Image Manipulation Program is useful for a wide variety of graphics image tasks including creating tilesets and sprites, translating file formats, and creating background and foreground stills and masks.
  • Inkscape

PDF File Creation edit

  • OpenOffice - A productivity desktop suite. Contains word processor which will create and export a pdf file. Useful for storyboarding. One file contains all pictures and text.

Modeling edit

  • Art of Illusion - An easy to learn powerful 3D modeling and animation environment. There are few import/export paths for this program but it is written in Java with an extensible object oriented framework. Probably worth reading the code for graphical programming techniques and possibly classes.
  • w:Blender_(software) - A 3D modeling and animation suite with additional capabilities to support game programming. It has been confirmed that blender will import 3ds files. Exporting from a now out dated version of 3DSMax to 3ds and imported into Blender3D has been accomplished successfully. An external introduction to blender set of video tutorials.[1]. Wikibooks has several online books on Blender.b:Blender
  • Make Human - Allow for quick and detailed modeling humans.

Sound Clip/Track Editing edit

  • Audacity - An open source sound processing tool.

Still Art Editing/Creation edit

  • GIMP
  • Inkscape - An open source illustration program.

Game Engines/Tools edit

  • Arianne - An open source 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game engine.
  • HiperGL - Game Framework - Framework for hardware accelerated 2D graphics.
  • Crystalspace3d - a 3d game engine
  • ImageJ - Written in Java this is an image processor focused on Scientific processing. It may also be useful for lifting techniques for graphics programming using the Java standard library.
  • Panda3D - A BSD-licenced 3D graphics and game engine.

Code version/build/test/programming tools edit

  • Ant - A build and test automation tool. Has worked well so far with Beans and jFreeRails and ImageJ. Well worth someone learning to package our distribution effectively.
  • ArgoUML - An open source UML editor. I have seen it alleged that this does not yet implement the full UML specification. Anybody who can illuminate us please do so here.
  • Beans IDE - This is a very sophisticated and so far robust integrated development environment. It works well with ANT. I have successfully compiled and tested ImageJ and jFreerails using the build xml files that came with them.
  • JVM - The Java Virtual Machine platform runs on most desktop or better hardware, making it ideal for widespread distribution of our applets.
  • 3D No Plugin - Uses Java and python to display 3D models online without plugins. A little slow. Useful for model evaluation

Information available at other projects edit This article on the FOSS short creation process has a list of tools used within the project.