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Fair trade software policyEdit


The software industry typical has at least a very high revenue potential and frequently eliminates jobs. To at least partially compensate these effects certifications for the work environment can be requested from IT companies and pollution rights for the work environment can be dealt in.

Corporate citizenship and donationsEdit

  1. The company must implement the Tariff plan policy and thus aim to support full employment on a national scale.
  2. The company must implement an Employment market carbon offsetting policy.
  3. The company should aim to educate third parties about the policy and invite competitors and business associations to follow the example.
  4. Pollution rights must be purchased inexpensively, which is in line with the goal to purchase pollution rights from those most in need of the compensatory funding. (e.g. Funding for Local Agenda21 groups in African subsistence farming communities can provide jobs to academics in or near those communities).
  5. The trade in pollution rights must follow the agreed upon standard of a business association, nongovernment organization or religious group.

Gender mainstreamingEdit

  1. The company must aim to employ at least a well-defined minimum percentage of women as IT professionals.
  2. The company must offer vocational training to female IT professionals (in Germany called Fachinformatiker).
  3. The company must publicly endorse The Duty and Responsibility to Promote and Enforce the Right to Education.

Co-determination and Co-regulationEdit

  1. The company must cooperate with unions, business associations and other organizations that aim to provide co-regulation.
  2. The company must offer schemes for co-determination on different levels, including the general public. The need for this requirement follows immediately from the right to public participation.

Continuing educationEdit

  1. The company must implement the Postmaterialism policy.
  2. The company should implement the Cultural advancement policy.