Center for Corporate Auditing, Responsibility and Management policy Authoring/Employment market carbon offsetting (E.C.O.) policy


This policy is meant to increase worldwide employment with a carbon offsetting scheme for the pollution of a nation's employment market. Measuring the pollution of the employment market is, of course, a non-trivial problem and thus subject to debate.

Corporate citizenship and donationsEdit

  1. The company must cause to exist or operate community colleges operating under the Corporate social responsibility policy for school operators and delegated to proper private school operators according to national law.
  2. The company must implement the Supporting the state of rights policy. Failure to do so should be seen as a complete failure to implement this policy.
  3. The company must implement the Postmaterialism policy.
  4. The company must implement the Social contract policy.
  5. The company must implement the Tariff plan policy. Failure to do so should be seen as a complete failure to implement this policy.


  1. The company must implement a Dynamic part-time work policy.

Continuing education and gender mainstreamingEdit

  1. The company should aim to offer more community college scholarships to women in order to compensate a bias of most national economies towards men and in order to compensate general gender inequalities and cultural differences between the genders.
  2. The company must also allow women to apply for scholarships in later life, especially after maternity leave.
  3. The company must aim to provide general education, ethical education and lifelong learning and aim to endorse religious education related to the five world religions.
  4. The company should consider the Saber as a local currency scheme to provide additional motivation to college students.
  5. The company should implement the Dalton Plan scheme (where and as adequate) in order to motivate students and train students as future teaching assistants and teachers in their own college.
  6. The company should aim to provide food and housing for students as required.

Co-regulation and public sphereEdit

  1. The company must cooperate with unions, business associations and other organizations that aim to provide co-regulation for measuring adequate employment market carbon offsetting and aim to compensate towards full employment on a regional or national scale.
  2. The company should aim to educate third parties about the policy and invite competitors and business associations to follow the example.
  3. The company must offer schemes for co-determination on different levels, including the general public. The need for this requirement follows immediately from the right to public participation.
  4. The company must implement the Global minimum wages policy.


  1. The company should motivate employees to volunteer as E-mentors, mentors and tutors for the community colleges in their carbon offsetting scheme.
  2. The company should donate some of its employees' worktime to the cause.


  1. The company should aim to receive certification for this policy.