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1 When did astronomy split between theoretical and observational branches?

In the 19th century
In the 20th century
After Galileo
In the last decade
In the 18th century

2 What does the Wikipedia 'Astronomy' call astrology?

the study of planetary cores
the belief that all people should learn astronomy
the belief system which claims that human affairs are correlated with the positions of celestial objects.
the study of planetary atmospheres
the study of comets and asteroids

3 Cosmology is the study of

the universe as a whole
the birth and death of stars
the oceans
the formation of the solar system
planetary atmospheres

4 What does the Wikipedia 'Astronomy' article say about astronomy and astrophysics

They are often in conflict
They must be in agreement or the result cannot be trusted
They often yield different results
They are often considered to be synonymous
They are often considered to be opposites

5 The goecentric theory put the Sun

orbiting around the Moon
none of the above or below are true
at the center of the universe
at the center of the solar system
in orbit around Earth

6 In the 3rd century BC, Aristarchus of Samos estimated the size of

the Moon and Sun
the Sun
Earth and the Sun
Earth and the Moon
the Moon

7 In the 19th century Fraunhoffer and Kirchoff studied light from the Sun and found

Mercury's shadow
a wobble that led to the discovery of new planets
spectral lines and concluded that they were caused by the elements
sunspots and the sunspot cycle
a golden ring

8 The ancient Greeks discovered (named) most of the constellations

in the southern hemisphere
in the northern hemisphere
in both all hemispheres
in the western hemisphere
in the eastern hemisphere

9 When did astronmers establish that the Milky way is only one of many billions of galaxies in the universe?

14th century
18th century
20th century
16th century

10 According to the Wikipedia Astronomy article, the first known efforts in the mathematical and scientific study of Astronomy began

among the Babylonians
among the Chinese
in south America
in ancient Greece
in central America

11 How many years did it take before Europe made a device as sophisticated as Antikythera?

300 years
3000 years
30 years
1500 years
15,000 years

12 The saro cycle was about repeating cycles of



Who drew these sketches?


14 In what century was parallax first used to measure the distance to a Star (other than our Sun)?

17th century
19th century
18th century
20th century
16th century

15 The largest galaxy in the local group is

Milky way

16 What two names are associated with the first new planet found (after those known by the ancients using the naked eye)

Neptune and the Alabama Streaker
Mercury and Friendship
Uranus and George's Star
Mars and the Candy Bar
Pluto and Goofy

17 The historical record shows that in 1066 AD a supernovae was discovered by astronomers in _____ and _____

China and South America
Greece and North America
Greece and China
Greece and Central America
Egypt and China