Astronomy college course/Astronomy (wikipedia)

temporary copy of w:Astronomy

Planned upgrade for Spring 2016 at Lake Campus edit

The first resource in Astronomy college course is based on a permalink to Wikipedia's w:Astronomy and the following three resources:

  1. questions (class discussion)
  2. quiz 1
  3. quiz 2

This semester we shall (1) replace the old permalink w:Astronomy by a new one, (2) upgrade the quizzes and (3) write a study guide for the quizzes. The chief purpose of the study guide is to identify questions that can be selected for short essays on an in-class exam. The motive for (3) is that students tend to memorize the question answers without fully understanding them. To alleviate this, instructors could randomly select multiple choice questions for each exam and ask students to answer them in class.

To facilitate this, an copy of a recent permalink to w:Astronomy has been inserted here: