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This page aims to provide references to potentially interesting literature, both reviewed and unreviewed. Abstracts and reviews can be posted with (or without) special attention for the relation to the Wikiversity assistant teacher program. Literature references that include abstracts or reviews should be written as sub-pages or refer to the specific talk pages where the literature reference is discussed.

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Classroom assistants, Higher Level Teaching Assistants (UK) edit

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Bilingualism edit

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School counseling and mentoring edit

School counseling edit

The Research in Action series edit

  1. Mentoring: A Key Resource for Promoting Positive Youth Development. Research in Action. Issue 1 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  2. Effectiveness of Mentoring Program Practices. Research in Action. Issue 2 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  3. Program Staff in Youth Mentoring Programs: Qualifications, Training, and Retention. Research in Action. Issue 3 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  4. Fostering Close and Effective Relationships in Youth Mentoring Programs. Research in Action. Issue 4 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  5. Why Youth Mentoring Relationships End. Research in Action. Issue 5 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  6. School-Based Mentoring. Research in Action. Issue 6 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  7. Cross-Age Peer Mentoring. Research in Action. Issue 7 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  8. Mentoring across Generations: Engaging Age 50+ Adults as Mentors. Research in Action. Issue 8 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  9. Youth Mentoring: Do Race and Ethnicity Really Matter? Research in Action. Issue 9 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 
  10. Mentoring: A Promising Intervention for Children of Prisoners. Research in Action. Issue 10 (2007-00-00)  unreviewed 

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