Assistant teacher program


Assistant teacher program

Welcome to the Wikiversity assistant teacher program!

Participants in this content development project create, organize, and develop learning resources for assistant teacher courses suitable for use in junior high school and high school. A goal is to allow derived courses to rearrange available material in different ways and to add or remove optional material as desired.

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The Wikiversity assistant teacher program is an ongoing research project. You can contribute to practical research and verification if your school has implemented any kind of program that invites pupils to participate in teaching or mentoring, such as learning by teaching or youth mentoring. If you do not intend to contribute to the courses you can submit your observations and criticism to the forum.

For the discussion of research projects and findings there is a Symposium page. Literature references can be posted under Further reading.

Teachers and schools interested to work with the Wikiversity assistant teacher program in the development phase can register on the Partner school program page.

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  Assistant teacher course   ATP tutor course
  ATP mentor training   Parenting driver's license — the parent education course
  Health mentoring course   Assistant teacher program in adult education
  Assistant teacher program in developing countries
  Kurs:Gesundheitsmentor (German)   Kurs:Einführungskurs für Assistenzlehrer (German)
  Kurs:Wiederaufarbeitung von PCs (German)

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If you think you can improve a module or write a better one with a different approach you are free to add your own module to the list below, even if it covers topics that are already covered elsewhere. Instructors can select the modules they prefer and replace regular modules with optional modules. Writing your own module does not give you a right to lock out other authors; if somebody wants to improve a module you wrote the usual search for consensus should be applied.

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Changes to important pages can be reviewed with the following links:

Some pages may appear several times, some pages may not appear in any list and some pages that appear may not belong to the assistant teacher program.

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Content released into the public domain may be used for any purpose without attribution, including commercial activities and creation of derivative works.