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A Process Evaluation of the Assistant Teacher Project during Its Third Year of Operation. (1986-07-00)

Abstract: A process evaluation of Mississippi's Assistant Teacher Program (ATP)--which placed paraprofessionals in first to third grade classrooms--was conducted in 1986 after its third year of operation. The evaluation examined the effectiveness of teacher development materials and inservice education; tasks performed by assistant teachers and their characteristics; teachers' interprofessional relationships; program effects on school operations, student attitudes, and achievement; and teacher role. A sample of 323 supervisors, 1,623 assistant teachers, and 1,815 professional teachers was selected. A questionnaire was developed and analyzed separately for each group. Most assistant teachers had attended college, considered the staff training effective, and were pleased with their assignments. Further use of assistant teachers was suggested for teaching basic skills to students. Two-thirds of the teachers reported that they had reexamined their own teaching techniques after having an assistant teacher in the classroom. Over 90 percent were satisfied with the performance of the assistants. Dissatisfied teachers were generally beginning teachers and very experienced teachers. Attitudes toward student motivation, achievement, and extending ATP into kindergarten were positive. Greater communication was recommended. Favorable responses were also reported by supervising administrators. (GDC)
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