Across the Wikiverse

Alrighty then. You've found the home base for the Across the Wikiverse web radio experiment for Wiki Campus Radio. Please focus on the general concepts linked to the term experiment and give an honest effort to broaden your personal horizon.

Phase me! edit

Our experience constitutes the lens through which we make sense of the World. The Universe is ours to experience in many ways. When I came to Wikiversity, I did so in anticipation of some marvelous trends in the use of the Internet to:

  1. Expand the horizons of the Human character, spirit and intellect
  2. Re-open the public discourse channels that have been compromised by commercial interests
  3. Challenge the boundaries of learning, teaching and the very notion of Education.
  4. Open a culturally pervasive channel of honest, friendly dialog that can help deal with the enormous challenges ahead for our species on this planet
  5. Free you and me to express ourselves, showcase our talents, state our opinions and offer to the world some suggestions for improving the Human condition.
  6. Include you in the process, respecting you for:
    • what you do and who you are
    • what you desire to do and hope to become.

This project shall help us to collectively make a real difference - personally, as a group and globally.

I want to get to know you. I'm the host of the show, but that don't make me anything but another fool that thinks he can help save the planet. I can't do anything by myself. Phase me! CQ 15:53, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

Episode ideas edit

Add ideas for episodes below, then discuss and develop them.

Obvious need edit

Someone dropped this baby off at Wikipedia:WikiProject Community:

In South Africa we've got a growing problem in abandoned babies, orphan babies and unwanted babies. There are babies left at birth in hospital everyday. The mother can't or doesn't want to look after the baby, and just leaves it behind at birth and goes home. There's a project called uMephi, which is managed and founded by the AFM Church, who addresses the problem of all these babies in need. Some babies are left on rubbish dumps, or somewhere in the field. The Welfare council identify's a town, who can Manage and run a babyhouse. Then the Welfare council purchase a house in that particular town. A Project Manager gets appointed to do all the local managing of the house, together with a Comitee, who does certain duties. A Houseparent gets screened and trained to live in the house with the babies, assisted with day & night shiftworkers. The houses are supported by funds and donations out of the community.

Currently (year 2007) there are 23 such babyhouses in South Africa, who cares for these babies in need. The houses has designated Social Workers, who handles each case personally to ensure the best outcome for each and every baby in need. Once the baby is placed in the house, the Social Worker will search for family or relatives who'd want to take care of the baby. If there's nobody who'd like to take the baby, preferably a legally married couple, will be screened to take the baby into Forster Care, or Adoption, depending on the baby's circumstances. The house in Polokwane, South Africa is situated very close to the North Boarders, and is Managed by Yolande Stevens contact number: +27825525481 or email: Feel free to contact for any further information.

Wow. I need to get back on line. At 08:17, 10 July 2007, Yolandestevens added the section (19,825 bytes), (→Wikipedia community Welfare) over at Wikipedia. Real world colleges and universities respond to needs like these. In a wiki it is easy to add urgent pleas for help. Many time desperate people do this on wikipedia, but it simply gets deleted. Maybe WV and the Across the Wikiverse media project can do something. 04:32, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

Free culture edit

I want to start a Wikiversity learning project for the Free culture movement. As part of the process of building such a learning resource, I would like to end up with some recorded live chat that explores the role of Wikiversity in efforts to "free the curriculum in every language and for every grade". Some of that audio should be useful for Wikiversity the Movie. --JWSchmidt 22:27, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

SYZYGY17 edit

Enter SYZYGY17 ... This is a very long-term "LLC" learning-leading/liberating-collaborating massive scale project. As you can see from the history of this learning resource, I, CQ am quite determined to not let this one slip through the cracks as so many good ideas in free learning often do. The w:master document on Google Drive is as open as I can make it. See SYZYGY17 for a broader view.

This ties in with Generating dynamic content with MediaWiki and the Wikiversity Portal:Time project as well as Wiki Campus Radio. Please keep an open mind and follow along. An audio component will greatly expand the reach of all of the Wikimedia Foundation projects helping to keep them ad-free and well positioned on the wider Internet. The trends in media are rapidly changing in both positive and negative directions across the world-wide web. Our mentors Ward Cunningham, Lawrence Lessig, Eben Moglen and many more have made significant contributions and we are seeking more mentors and leaders that know what we are up against as a community. Thanks for reading. See Generating dynamic content with MediaWiki/2016 for updates.