Generating dynamic content with MediaWiki/2016

Hi! This is CQ back for a short blurb of a visit. I just got around to creating a user page at the Commons media repository.

My team and I are beginning a second phase of our long-cycle web-development strategy for saving the world before the astronomical event of 21 August 2017. The secret code name for the project is SYZYGY17 and it ties in with Portal:Time and actively involves hand-on training for Generating dynamic content with MediaWiki right here at the Big and Friendly Wikiversity!

In my neck of the woods, said celestial alignment (Syzygy) relates quite directly to the Paducah2020 project and Wiki Campus Radio. The Mid-US station should be online by May, barring sabotage or natural disaster. If you wish to join in, or find out more, just try snooping around Carbondale or if you have the guts, Fort Campbell. There's SOMETHING BIG about to happen next year. But HURRY! We only have a little over a year and a half to get ready!

SYZYGY17 edit

Enter SYZYGY17 -- stay tuned!