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Welcome to the 911@10 SUNYIT Summer Workshop Learning Project!

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Overviewy edit

This workshop is part of the 911@10 Project. Our goal is to explore the September 11 Web Archive, and build an interface to the archive that enables interested visitors to use the Web to remember the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Goals edit

  • Systematically explore the September 11 Web Archive, an archive of 25,000 Web sites housed at the U.S. Library of Congress and the Internet Archive collected between September 11, 2001 and December 1, 2001.
  • Develop a new interface to the archive that provides a “guided tour” to some of the materials (as much as we can uncover in a few weeks), and facilitates access so that visitors to the archive can explore it on their own.
  • Use Web Sphere Analysis as a methodology to guide our exploration and analysis activities.

Community edit

  • Students registered in two courses at the SUNY Institute of Technology during the Summer 2011 semester will be participants in this project:
    • IDT 524: Web Sphere Analysis (graduate)
    • COM 490: Web Sphere Analysis (undergraduate)
Both courses are offered online during SUNYIT's 8-week summer session (May 23 - June 15). Interested students from other Universities may register on a non-matriculated basis.
  • Others interested in exploring the Archive with us are welcome to join the project as well. Please contact Steve Schneider, Director of the 911@10 Project, steve@sunyit.edu.

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