3D Modelling/Create 3D Models/360-Degree AFrame

equirectangular Image from WikiMedia Commons rendered with Aframe as 360-Degree Image (see Hugin)

Learning Task edit

  • (WikiCommons4AFrame) Start WikiCommons4AFrame and select a equirectangular 360-degree from WikiCommons or create a 360-Degree image in Hugin. With WikiCommons4AFrame you are able to test the 360 degree scene in AFrame and your are able to create a link for the 360 degree scene AFrame. The tool WikiCommons4AFrame[1] is an AppLSAC, that can create the link also offline, if you know the URL for the 360 degree image.
  • (Offline 360-Degree Scenes) You can also create a ZIP-file for offline use without internet connectivity. The ZIP-tool is also an AppLSAC that is able to generate the a ZIP-file with all libraries and folders, so that the downloaded ZIP-file contains the complete folder structure for offline use.

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References edit

  1. WikiCommons4AFrame (2020) Bert Niehaus - AppLSAC for Wikiversity Learning Resource - Create 360-Degree Scenes in AFrame - URL: https://niebert.github.io/WikiCommons2AFrame/aframe360starter.html (viewed/tested 2020/05/04)