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Week 1 Study guide for new test 1 edit

MW: Study Guide questions: a18ElectricChargeField (C4 Problems: 1,2 only), 19-Electric Potential and Electric Field (C7 Problems 1-4 (all))


Week 2 edit

MLK off 1/21(M)

1/21 (M) edit

1/23 (W) edit

Went through capacitor powerpoint. (will post as pdf here)

Mr. Circuit:

  1. Always add battery last. NEVER improvise or you will burn something out.
  2. Strip a wire
  3. w:List_of_electronic_color_code_mnemonics

1/25 (F) Electronics lab edit

Week 3 edit

1/28 (M) edit

1/30 (W) edit

2/1 (F) Electronics lab edit

Week 4 edit

2/4 (M) New Test 1 Today edit

PDF STUDY GUIDE: Chapters (problems) 4(1-2), 5(1-4), 7(1-4). You will be given all fundamental constants and metric prefixes. Also: V=Ed. Q=CV (mass/charge of particles, definition of electron volt, parallal plate capacitance)

2/6 (W) edit

2/8 (F) Strike ended (short class) edit

Week 5 edit


2/11 (M) Python lab edit

2/13 (W) edit

python solution to bitbucket
from math import pi

r=Rmm*1E-3 # milli is 10^-3
I=microAmps*1E-6 #microamp conversion
#I=JA thetefore J=I/A

J=I/A #current density Amps/meterSquared = A/m^2
print('J = ',J,'A/m^2')

NewTest 2 problem 8.1

Preview Power = IV = ect (must do later w whole class)

2/15 (F) Electronics lab edit

Week 6 edit

Two flags to raise and see if anybody salutes:

  1. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/255050612_Consider_a_Spherical_Cow

2/18 (M) edit

2/20 (W) edit

2/22 (F) edit

Week 7 edit

2/25 (M) edit

Test today: PDF STUDY GUIDE: Problems were selected from the following chapters in the pdf file: 8, 9, 12. The test date is Monday 25 February. 8.2 not on test.

2/27 (W) edit

3/1 (F) edit

Electronics lab

Week 8:Spring Break edit

Spring break 3/4(M)-3/9(S)

Week 9 edit

3/11 (M) edit

3/13 (W) edit

3/15 (F) edit

Week 10 edit

3/18 (M) edit

3/20 (W) edit

3/22 (F) edit

Week 11 edit

3/25 (M) edit

3/27 (W) edit

3/29 (F) edit

Week 12 edit

4/1 (M) edit

4/3 (W) edit

4/5 (F) edit

Week 13 edit

4/8 (M) edit

4/10 (W) edit

4/12 (F) edit

10:00 AM Friday Phy1120

Lab in room 225 today (dark room)

Week 14 edit

4/15 (M) edit

4/17 (W) edit

4/19 (F) edit

Week 15 edit

  • Last day of classes is 4/27(S)

Takehome final exam:

  1. Details will be announced on Wikiversity on Friday 26 April.
  2. You will be asked to solve problems and present clear solutions. Also, for each problem state X versions of a proposed multiple choice test question. X will be 1 or 2. The problems will cover material that was not well covered in this semester.
  3. There will be two due dates:
    1. Wednesday 1 May. I will give you a tentative grade that will hold unless you contribute something before the second due date.
    2. Monday 6 May. Hard deadline for final grade.

Final Exams edit

Final Exams

4/29 (M) edit

4/30 (T) edit

5/1 (W) edit

5/2 (R) edit

5/3 (F) edit