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PDF study guides edit

These study guides are PDF files that should be downloaded and saved for use if the internet ever becomes unavailable. They also have 100% secure images. To download the file, click "Original file" (just above the Summary)

All questions that might be on the exam are taken from these study guides (in pdf format):

for Test 1      for Test 2      for Test 3      for Test 4      for Final Exam

Solutions to most exam questions are worked out are available at:


Test 1 (second semester) edit

These are permalinks to the quizzes. The number questions randomly selected from each quiz is also indicated:

10 questions from How_things_work_college_course/Waves_(Physics_Classroom)

3 questions from Physics_equations/16-Oscillatory_Motion_and_Waves/Q:amplitudes

2 questions from Physics_equations/17-Physics_of_Hearing/Q:echoAndstring

Test 2 (second semester) edit

2 questions from Physics_equations/18-Electric_charge_and_field/Q:findE

2 questions from Physics_equations/19-Electric_Potential_and_Electric_Field/Q:KE%26PE

2 questions from Physics_equations/19-Electric_Potential_and_Electric_Field/Q:capacitance

2 questions from Physics_equations/20-_Electric_Current,_Resistance,_and_Ohm's_Law/Q:PowerDriftVelocity

2 questions from Physics_equations/21-Circuits,_Bioelectricity,_and_DC_Instruments/Q:circuits

Test 3 (second semester) edit

6 questions from Electric_Circuit_Analysis/Circuit_Analysis_Quiz_1/Electric_Circuit_Analysis_quiz_1[1]

2 questions from Physics_equations/21-Circuits,_Bioelectricity,_and_DC_Instruments/Q:RCdecay

1 questions from Physics_equations/22-Magnetism/Q:forces

1 questions from Physics_equations/23-Electromagnetic_Induction,_AC_Circuits,_and_Electrical_Technologies/Q:spaceTetherAndSimpleLoop

Test 4 (second semester) edit

2 questions from 25-Geometric_Optics/Q:vision

4 questions from Physics_equations/25-Geometric_Optics/Q:image

1 questions from Physics_equations/25-Geometric_Optics/Q:thinLens

1 questions from Quantum_mechanics/Photoelectric_effect/Quiz

4 questions from How_things_work_college_course/Quantum_mechanics_timeline/Quiz[2]

3 questions from Why_is_the_Sky_Dark_at_Night/quiz[3]

Final exam (second semester) edit

The final exam consists of 16 questions, selected randomly form the following quizzes as shown below:

2 from How_things_work_college_course/Waves_(Physics_Classroom)
1 from Physics_equations/17-Physics_of_Hearing/Q:echoAndstring
1 from Physics_equations/18-Electric_charge_and_field/Q:findE
1 from Physics_equations/19-Electric_Potential_and_Electric_Field/Q:KE%26PE
1 from Physics_equations/19-Electric_Potential_and_Electric_Field/Q:capacitance
1 from Physics_equations/21-Circuits,_Bioelectricity,_and_DC_Instruments/Q:circuits
1 from Physics_equations/22-Magnetism/Q:forces
2 from Physics_equations/23-Electromagnetic_Induction,_AC_Circuits,_and_Electrical_Technologies/Q:spaceTetherAndSimpleLoop
2 from Physics_equations/25-Geometric_Optics/Q:thinLens
1 from Quantum_mechanics/Photoelectric_effect/Quiz
2 from How_things_work_college_course/Quantum_mechanics_timeline/Quiz
1 from Why_is_the_Sky_Dark_at_Night/quiz

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  1. The same quiz formatted differently is Electric_Circuit_Analysis/Circuit_Analysis_Quiz_1
  2. Does not entirely match openstax College Physics. Though not an exact match to openstax College Physics, the reading provided for this quiz is readable at this level.
  3. Does not entirely match openstax College Physics. Though not an exact match to openstax College Physics, the reading provided for this quiz is readable at this level.