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motionSimpleArithmetic edit

Click each image to expand. The first shows a 5 question quiz so simple one only needs to calculate the area of a triangle or rectangle. The arithmetic is so simple that no calculator is required[2] Attribution for the questions can be found at

The other three images shown below are solutions written by a student. The plan is convert all the quizzes in Quizbank. This quiz replaces QB/b motionSimpleArithmetic


The implications of the relating area under a velocity curve to distance travels has a number of consequences for Calculus. See for example:

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The Wikijournal of Science is a peer reviewed journal currently hosted on Wikiversity. Teachers and advanced students with a novel way to teach a topic might consider submitting an article to that journal.

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Complex phasors

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  1. See also other "link" at dtag_v&
  2. .No calculator needed, but some might need to count on their fingers